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(Carta di Identità Clonata)

Clone National identity card is a exactly copy of existing identity card issued from government. We reproduce exactly the original card with all security tips and with real existing number. Only we place your photo instead a photo of original owner. You only select the age and the sex of person and we search a real identity match with your criteria. You can select more criteria like birth city or city of residence for extra Fee or Euro 50.00 for each extra input.

This kind of document actually is available in many Eu countries and processing time take minimum of 8 days up to 15 days depending on the number of criteria you select.

In addition you can buy a clone of Social Security Card (Tessera Sanitaria) for extra Fee of Euro 200.00 or a Classic tax Id Card Embossed (Codice Fiscale) at Euro 150.00; This items are sale only in addition to Identity Card and cannot be sold separate.

Basically we offer 2 Clone National Identification Card:
1. Electronic and 
2. Classic Version.

Classic National Identitycard (Carta di identità) have a price of Euro 500.00 Electronic National Identity card (Carta di identità elettronica) have a price of Euro 600.00


(European Country)

We can produce totally replica of National Identity card with data you provide to us, Please remember that if data provided are fantasy, the National Identity card will not registered in any governement database or Record and will not safe use for Travel or paperwork in any Public office. We suggest to use this card for bank Account opening or for use outside the issuing country.

Actually we can offer this Replica Identity Card from the following countries:

Replica Identity Card of Cost ( Euro )
Bulgaria (Bulgarian - лична карта, lichna karta) 400.00
France (carte d'identité Française) 400.00
Germany (Personalausweis) 400.00
Germany (Personalausweis) 400.00
Hungary (Személyi igazolvány) 400.00
Italy (Classic Version) (Carta di identità) 400.00
Italy (Electronic Version) (Carta di identità) 450.00
Poland (Dowód osobisty) 400.00
Slovakia (Občiansky preukaz) 400.00
Spain (Documento nacional de identidad usually abbreviated to DNI) 450.00
Albania (Letërnjoftim) 400.00
Croatia (Osobna iskaznica) 400.00
Macedonia (Лична карта, Lična karta) 400.00
Montenegro (Lična karta) 400.00
Serbia (Лична карта / Lična karta) 400.00

Normally this Replica Identity card are processed and shipped in 8/12 days depending on destination country and other severals things.


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