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Our team have pleasure to present the best innovative program on the web regarding the exclusive package of Citizenship from a very respectable and hight rank Country form Europe. We can offer 2 different country from the South of Europe. A fully member of European Union wuth free travel visa to over 190 country including a free Visa program for United States of America.

We can provide a legal way to take the citizenship with full right of all citizen of the issuing country.

Processing of this service required a personal contact with our consultant and we release all information detailed about this Program.

Please note that you must be able to travel to issuing country in order to colelct the Passport and National identity card, or in alternative we can arrange a meeting in issuing country Embassy located near to you in order to collect the documents. Due the new procedure for Biometric passport, we are unable to collect the passport in your behalf.

Processing time time 25/40 days but is valiable depending difefrent things. Our consultant will be able to inform you about exact processing time of your documents

We can offer 2 only country form Europe with these program and price is Euro 21500.00 for one country and Euro 18000.00 for other country.

Payments can be arranged at 50% at order time and 50% at collection of documents. Incase of full payments at order we can discuss extra discount.

Payment can be made via Bank Transfer to our SEPA correspondent Account.

This offer is available for limited time, please Contact for a personal consultation.

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