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Economic Citizenship: Affordable and exclusive solution with a lot of advantage for a little amount invested.

Africa being a very poor continent, Economic Citizenship Programs from this part of abound. However, not all’s gold, unfortunately: visa-free travel opportunities are poor and very many African programs are less than stable. It’s a very volatile market and we have taken great care to choose only those programs we can seriously recommend. One major advantage, however, is their great affordability which makes them ideal for have a second emergengy Citizenship for personal and capital protection.

This is a particular goody: an official government immigration program which can be executed at extremely short notice and which will result in a permanently renewable passport and national ID document being issued to applicants. The cost of the program including, in one case, a non-revenue producing investment in a government sponsored Project Development Fund. It is available in as little as 34 days from the time the completed paper work is received! This is the best passport document bargain on the net, period! The passport is issued by an African member of the British Commonwealth, a former Portuguese colony.

A truly fine program which has proven its credibility well in the course of the past years. Hundreds of PTs the world over have made use of this opportunity to get a bona fide 2nd (or third) citizenship along with an alternative identity to protect their assets from Big Brother’s taxsharks and other unsavory entities and even can be used for travelling in some countries.

We have pleasure to offer this Citizenship Program for all inclusive Fee of Euro 7000.00 approval guaranteed. You can apply for family starting at Euro 4000.00 for each additional applicant.

If you are interesting in our service for Economic Citizenship please contact us.

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