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BEFORE all must be claar that only serious customer can apply for this service. An important value of Money has involved on this service, so please take care to have all fund needed for the position before apply. In addition for the Active position we required a very Hight Background and Criminal record Clean for apply. Any false information provided from the customer will be considerate violation of agreement and cancel of the order. No refund in case of violation of agreement.

Although each host country may have some slightly different procedure by which they extend diplomatic courtesy, an International Diplomat – as a general rule – may expect so many benefits and privileges from the Worldwide Diplomatic Community that they are difficult to list.

However, let’s examine a few:

Red Carpet Treatment by international governments.
No Tax Liability on income from outside the host country.
You may display “CC” (Corps Consulaire) plates on your car so that your status is known to the forces of control who may not detain you in any way
Confidential movement and activity – Internationally.
When traveling, you may use the diplomatic channel at airports and will not be subject to time delaying and annoying customs checks
Prestige beyond imagination – both professionally and socially.
Accessibility to Offshore Tax Havens for business and privacy.
Unlimited entry and exit privilege from host country for worldwide professional or personal travel
You will meet top–ranking government officials and heads of state
Diplomatic Immunity – under International Law, the office and residence of diplomats are extended sovereign status, as such they are off limits to all governments and their agents – even in the host country.
You will boost your business success as well as your social status and prestige
Many, many other Gratuities and Perks
No waiting in long customs lines.
Free Diplomatic vehicle license plates.
No travel or airport departure tax.
Free upgrades on airlines, car rental, hotels and cruises.
Priority booking on reservations and more.
We provide legal services for obtaining diplomatic passport and credentials. All statuses and passports are registered at Ministry of Foreign Affair of the issuing countries. All the position include documents and accreditation in host country with all right of Vienna Convention for Diplomatics.

Diplomatic immunity is a principle of international law by which certain foreign government officials are not subject to the jurisdiction of local courts and other authorities. The concept of immunity began with ancient tribes. In order to exchange information, messengers were allowed to travel from tribe to tribe without fear of harm. They were protected even when they brought bad news. Today, immunity protects the channels of diplomatic communication by exempting diplomats from local jurisdiction so that they can perform their duties with freedom, independence, and security. Diplomatic immunity is not meant to benefit individuals personally; it is meant to ensure that foreign officials can do their jobs. Under the concept of reciprocity, diplomats assigned to any country in the world benefit equally from diplomatic immunity.

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